Company Profile

About Max Myanmar Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Max Myanmar Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Max Myanmar Group, is one of the private cement manufacturers in Myanmar. Max Myanmar Manufacturing started its renovation process for Max Cement Plant which is situated near Taung Philar Limestone Deposit at Lewei Township, Nay Pyi Taw region. With the strategic restructuring program, the cement plant at Taung Philar with prior capacity of 500 tpd (Wet Process) has been upgraded into more energy efficient and advantageous 2100 tpd (Dry Proces). The new dry process has many advantaged in less energy, electricity and fuel consumption.

Cement Industry in Myanmar

Since 2015, demand for building materials in Myanmar was a growth driven by the expansion of the construction sector in the region when the government promoted large-scale infrastructure projects. The combined maximum capacity produced by government and private cement factories was about half of the demand. Due to high demand and the annual shortage cement supply in Myanmar, Max Myanmar Manufacturing Company was aggressively moving forward to meet the requirements of the country by upgrading more efficient cement plants. During these years, cement industry is becoming one of the potential major roots to promote employment opportunity and increase the tax revenue of the country. Moreover, the cement business can be the source of attracting foreign investors with the profitable opportunities in Myanmar.



To be a leading local cement manufacturing company by offering the best quality, accountability with sustainable growth and innovation.


To be a preferred portfolio and a responsible business, by creating superior value for the stakeholders, towards society and community development through high quality product.


  • To fulfill the needs of the country and demand of the local market
  • To promote awareness of environment and community impacts of quarrying and business operations
  • To achieve long-term social-economic development
  • To utilize natural resources effectively and efficiently
  • To create job opportunity for the local people

Work force

Total work force of Max cement factory is 376 in October 2016.

Location and Area

Max cement factory is located in Taung Philar region, where is 9 miles far away from Yangon – Mandalay Highway, in the East of Tharwutthi, Lewei Township, Mandalay Division. The area is 262.5 acres.

Core Values

Total work force of Max cement factory is 376 in October 2016.

  1. Reliable products
  2. Value added customer service
  3. Workplace Safety
  4. Employee Development
  5. Environment Preservation
  6. Community Engagement
  7. Corporate Governance
  8. Social Responsibility